Connecticut Girls Hockey League CGHL Connecticut's first and only youth hockey league devoted entirely to girls


* * *   NEW for CGHL 2017-18  Season  * * * 


Scoresheets are to be submitted to the appropriate Division Director per the following requirements
Applies to: U10, U12, U14, U19 Girls

Within two (2) days of the game:

a.    Scoresheets are to be submitted by the winning team, or the home team if there is a tie.



Two choices for submission:

a.    Email a scanned original.
b.    Email a cell phone picture of the original.
(Note: Texting photos of scoresheets will not be accepted. Typically, cell phones re-size (reduce) photo sizes for texting purposes to reduce a persons data usage ... which results in a scoresheet that's unreadable).



Things to keep in-mind:

  • All email submissions must be clear / legible, and full size
  • A Division Representative ("Div Rep") may request a re-scan, or an original if necessary to resolve any confusion or discrepancy.



Division Reps Email

U10 Div Rep



U12 Div Rep



U14 Div Rep



U19 Div Rep




Please NOTE:  The white sheet must be completed properly (an example can be found here.....). Please make sure scoresheets are complete per the above link, and that they are submitted to the appropriate Division Rep. 


IMPORTANT:  Please be sure to forward this information to all coaches and team managers to avoid any issue with your game sheets counting towards minimum game requirements, rankings and / or CGHL eligibility.